Dramatically illuminated dresses made of paper hang in an intimate room – resembling a tableau waiting for a photograph. A dancer in a confining paper dress dwells on routine within this room. Each dress implies the remnant of her presence – like shed skin, left behind. She performs tasks regimented by the music surrounding her, occasionally relating the sense that she is “uncomfortable in her own skin.”

Guided by 5 segments of music, each about 4 minutes long, the dancer folds paper, traces a dress pattern, cuts out paper dresses, and hangs them on laundry lines within a restricted amount of time. She is free to improvise freely in the 5th segment but must resume her tasks when the first segment of music begins again. This process is repeated, indefinitely for four or more hours

While visitors are permitted to enter the room, the dancer maintains her personal space by continuing her work, without acknowledging them.

Viewer and performer are immersed in a beautiful, organic, yet mechanical environment. As the viewer spends time observing, the repetition and imposed immobility become obviously tedious.

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