Visit my studio this weekend!!

Hello friends!

If you’ve been wondering why it’s been pretty quiet over here, I’ve been preparing for Go Brooklyn Open Studios….and WOW time has flown by! The open studios are THIS WEEKEND, have you registered to visit my studio?
If not, here’s a bit of info about the event:

I am participating in GO– a community-curated open studio project. Artists throughout Brooklyn will open their studios to the public September 8–9, 2012. During which, visitors can decide who will be featured in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, by voting for their favorite work.

Check out the link to my profile page, where you can see a few examples of my work, as well as, information about and location of my studio….

In order to be able to vote, please go to the website and register as a “voter” (it’s free and easy) – after which, you will receive a code to use when you place your votes. Be sure to register and come visit me during open studio weekend. You will be able see what my workspace is like, ask any questions about my work and see current projects, in progress – plus I will have snacks!

Then, after you’ve viewed my work, you can either use the GO Brooklyn App, text message or email your votes during the open studio weekend.

Hope to see you at the studio this weekend!

* * * *

If you plan on visiting and voting for my studio this weekend, please read this:

There are a few important details that will make your vote count and make me eligible for a Brooklyn Museum curator visit:

1. You will need to register online at GO Brooklyn’s website.

2. When visiting a studio as a voter, you will need to “check in” to record that you’ve been there. You’ll use a unique number assigned to each Artist and posted on a sign in their studio. You can check in using the GO mobile app or SMS text messaging. You will also be able to check-in online. I am hoping to have a computer on hand, for those who (like me) do not have fancy phones.

3. In order to make an official vote, you will need to “check in” to at least 5 studios during the weekend of Open Studios – but no worries, there are a bunch of studios in my building!

4. If you checked in to at least five studios, Go Brooklyn will send you an email with nomination instructions** after the close of the open studio weekend.

** This nomination is important, as it will make me eligible to have a Brooklyn Museum curator visit my studio!

Answers to additional questions can be found here:

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