I’ve been a busy bee – a few projects stand out as particularly special…

One of my favorite and most challenging pieces, “Pattern” (an installation of video mapped animations projected onto sculpted paper dresses), was included in FORM and SUBSTANCE: Projection Mapping in Contemporary Art – a groundbreaking group show curated by Integrated Visions.

Check out the video of this piece… 

… and you should READ THIS! Some Thoughts on PATTERN

Another favorite project was the custom, hand-cut paper bellybands I created for the JONES artbook – A book dedicated to help fund the documentary Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. The book is a 64-page collection of artwork from artists in the comics, publishing, role-playing, and entertainment field.

The development of my “Vanitas” series is still going strong. In fact, one of my newest Vanitas paper skull dioramas appeared in “Realms of the Unreal”, a Henry Darger themed group show at Gristle Tattoo + Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) – curated by Samantha Levin.

Christina Graf - Papef Skull Diorama

I showed a few of my favorite pieces at Mark Miller Gallery in a group show, called “Tell Them Stories:Origins”- curated by Tun Myaing and Marshall Jones. It was a wonderful show with a bunch of fascinating artists. I was honored to be part of it. Details here.

Lastly, my studio is getting pretty full and I need to make some room to make more work! I would love to find new homes for some of my art, so if you are interested in a particular piece, send me a private message and I’ll let you know if it’s available.

Be sure to stop by again soon!



2 Responses to Hello!

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! The image mapping work you did was totally magical in person and your paper dresses were so lovely! Dream memory forms activated by video I loved them! Can’t wait to see what you make in 2014!

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